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So you're thinking about leaving New Mexico for college?

You are in an elite group. According to the College Board, 18.6% of New Mexican high school graduates attend college out of state. In the 2015-16 school year, approximately 5700 student took the PSATs in NM, and almost 1900 of them took the SATs. Of these students, 53% sent their scores to UNM and another 15% sent them to New Mexico State where most New Mexicans went to college. The most popular out-of-state colleges were Stanford, Harvard, Cornell, Colorado State, Arizona State, U of California/Berkeley, and Texas Tech. Most private colleges seek representation from all 50 states in America, and there aren't that many students leaving New Mexico to go.

In America there is a college out there for every student -- regardless of academic or financial profile. With more than 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States (and lots of colleges in other countries), finding and applying to appropriate colleges is daunting. Acting as a guide and advocate, I provide information, support, and effective strategies to help make applying to college less stressful – and possibly even an enjoyable and exciting experience. As an independent college counselor, I provide the skills, knowledge, and commitment for each student and family to successfully navigate the steps to college -- from high school preparation to college enrollment.


New Mexico College Counseling
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